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The Groove Experience  

This facilitator led 60-90 minute unforgettable group experience uses the Groove Method@ to get you up on your feet, moving to music, while inspiring self expression, community and nurturing a healthy body and mind.  The power of the Groove Experience is perfect for all age groups and is customized to fit the needs of any audience.  

“Today’s Groove Experience provided me with something I wasn’t even sure I was missing in my life. Not only was I engaged and motivated, I was excited to move. I felt comfortable in myself and left feeling confident - something I have’t felt in a very long time.“ B. Burch, Ontario. 

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Conferences, Keynotes & Presentations

Infuse inspiration into ANY industry conference or event with the Groove. As a sought after speaker and facilitator, Michelle Hillier, founder of Experience Groove, leads participants using the Groove Method@ and connects relevant industry information to the human experience ensuring participants grow professionally and personally.  The Groove Experience is often described as the most memorable and impactful session of the day.

“Michelle’s keynotes and presentations were energizing, instructional, motivating and FUN!! Her professionalism included seamless transitions and valuable information that was just the right amount for attendees to retain and use. They left with nuggets they could implement immediately in their work.”  K. Natorski, South East, Education Collective, North Dakota.

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Large Crowd Activators & Special Events

When large groups of people Groove together, the world shifts. The kinetic energy created through this experience inspires connection, joy and excitement. Moving their bodies together to music in this way leaves participants ready for anything!

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Customized Trainings, Programs & Consulting

Take a piece of the Groove Experience away with you. Now that you’ve experienced the Groove, allow us to customize a training or program to suite the individual needs of your audience. Trainings can include the Groove, facilitation tips, song list and other practical take aways.  Consulting services ensure the Groove philosophy and principles can enhance the value of any existing program.