"You Can't Get it Wrong!"

Experience Groove has inspired hundreds of thousands of people over the last ten years in following sectors : 


Pre-K-12 & Higher Education

As a certified teacher, dance education specialist and university lecturer, Michelle Hillier, founder of Experience Groove, understands teacher and curriculum requirements like no one else. The Groove Experience offers a unique way to meet these needs. With wellness and discovery at its core, bringing the Groove to school-aged children is truly a magical thing. Benefits include enhancing physical literacy, self-responsibility, mindfulness, peace, joy, and respect. 

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Community, Recreation & Social Services

Grooving is a best practice in capacity building! The Groove Experience comes to life for service providers allowing your community the chance to move, play and express themselves in a healthy, fun, and respectful way.  Before and after school providers, child care centres, municipalities, camp leaders and community centres have all benefited from the Groove Experience. Newcomers, families, children and seniors - we all grow when we groove! 

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Is the culture of your workplace broken and in need of some love?  Is your team collaborating effectively? Is the potential of your leaders being nurtured in a sustainable way? Work place wellness using the Groove Experience creates lasting and impactful connections between work teams, builds trust, gives permission for risk taking and autonomy in a innovate and memorable way.  Rejuvenate your staff, inspire creativity, and show appreciation with the Groove Experience.