We have been creating and facilitating innovative and customized Groove Experiences for over a decade in the following sectors. Contact us for more details and to receive a quote. 

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Education and Schools 


Corporate and Workplace

  • InterACTIVE and themed breaks for any industry conference/event
  • Customized team building workshops and seminars
  • Workplace lunch 'n' learn Groove sessions

Recreation, Community and Social Services

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Keynotes and Conference Presentations

Infuse inspiration into ANY industry conference or event with the Groove. As a sought after speaker and facilitator, Michelle Hillier, founder of Experience Groove, leads participants and connects relevant industry information to the human experience ensuring participants grow professionally and personally.  The Groove Experience is often described as the most memorable, transformative and impactful session of the day.  

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    Crowd Activations and Special Events

    When large groups of people Groove together, the world shifts. The kinetic energy created through this experience inspires connection, joy and excitement. Moving their bodies together to music in this way leaves participants ready for anything! CONTACT US to receive accurate quote.